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About Face specializes in virtual and hybrid events.

Let us know if a complementary consultation would be helpful in designing your online program.

Online events are not just a reaction to COVID-19: they are here to stay. Clients have learned a robust virtual events offering can greatly supplement a live event offering. Attendees can gain ongoing access to materials and points of contact, increasing your company’s touch and your return on investment.


For more than a decade, our event technology team has consulted agencies, event planners and program managers on their program needs. Whether you are planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, our experienced tech team will carefully assess your needs, offer recommended solutions and provide any of the following: architect & design, project management, configuration, Q&A, integration, deployment, support and post-event analysis.

Virtual Events

  • 3D, 2D offerings

  • Custom virtual events hubs

  • Live chats, Q&A, polling

  • Networking and gamification

  • Hyper-personalized experiences for attendees: using AI/Machine learning tools to leverage attendees’ latest behavioral data

  • Assist with building event-wide network infrastructure: ensure your registration build is rock solid throughout your event


In-person or Hybrid Events

  • Our team has been instrumental in overseeing the technology deployment and strategy for some of the industry’s top events, including: Google Cloud Next, Cisco Live, RSA, VMWare, and others.

  • Expert analysis and recommendation of best event tech stacks

  • Develop & deploy from pre-show to onsite to post-event

  • Negotiate contracts with Cvent and other partners, as well as internet providers to maximize your dollar spend on event technology needs.


Eventus Embeddable

  • Creative solutions to engage attendees more

  • Embeddable widgets can be customized

  • Classic nostalgia games

  • Live Q&A and polling

  • Networking

  • Philanthropy

  • …and more!


Registration and Intelligent Data Management

  • We can architect and configure your registration and Mobile Event App needs, providing a seamless experience with your data input.

  • Mastery of a variety of partner registration platforms such as: Cvent, RainFocus, EventusAI, Aventri, Certain Software and many more. Clients benefit tremendously from our discounted licensing rates.

  • Personalized journeys: using AI/Machine Learning tools, we will guide the use of your data to hyper-personalize your attendees’ experience. 

  • Custom websites align with your brand: in addition to being an informational resource for attendees, it becomes a marketing tool for guiding more registrations. Attendees can receive personalized greetings and customized offers unique to their interests.




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